Advanced Circuit Hacking: Breaduino Workshop

Have you ever wondered exactly how your Arduino works? Would you like to build an Arduino clone from scratch? Are you already using other microcontrollers, but would like to get into using the Atmegas? If so, you should come to a workshop I (Josh) will be running at Noisebridge on Sunday, July 31st, 2011 (11AM).

We’ll assemble the Breaduino kit (the original all-breadboard Arduino clone), and talk a bit about how all the pieces work together. The Breaduino all-breadboard Arduino clone is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a kit that contains the key parts on an Arduino board, and a solderless breadboard to connect everything together. I’ll walk everyone through building it, making sure that even people with no hardware experience can follow along. In under two hours, you’ll have a working Arduino clone that you built yourself, from scratch, even if you’ve never used a breadboard before.

The Breaduino is a great kit for anyone who’s worked with the Arduino, and it’s perfect for anyone who’s been working with discrete microcontrollers for a while. This workshop may be a little slow due to helping new folks along, but I’ll make sure to touch on the gotchas of using Atmegas without an Arduino board.

Register now!

This workshop has very limited availability: I only have so many breadboards on hand, so I honestly can’t accept more than a dozen people for this first session. To make sure you get a spot, please pay in advance via PayPal. Here’s a handy button:

To recap:

What: Workshop to build an Arduino clone from scratch

When: Sunday, July 31st, 11 AM

How much: $30 ($10 + $20 materials)

Where: Noisebridge, 2169 Mission St (at 18th)

Register now!

Please register in advance! There really are only a dozen seats available, and, even though it’s early Sunday morning, these workshops always fill up! I can’t wait to see you there, and help you better understand the Arduino platform!

What’s Noisebridge? Noisebridge is San Francisco’s hackerspace, an open environment for exploring digital art, Maker-ing, and similar sorts of creative pursuits. It’s at 2169 Mission Street, roughly at 18th St. The nearest BART stop is 16th St Mission. Parking may be a little tricky if the weather is nice, but it shouldn’t be too bad (also: the meters in SF are free on Sunday, and residential parking doesn’t have a 1 hour limit).

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3 Responses to “Advanced Circuit Hacking: Breaduino Workshop”

  1. MacKenzie S. Says:

    Are you going to have this same class on other dates as well?

    I took a class at The Crucible learning how to use arduino boards to trigger solenoid valves, but since then I have run into trouble with it not being able to figure out if I burnt the whole arduino board and not knowing how to trouble shoot.

    Will your breaduino board be able to trigger solenoid valves as well?

    And would you be able to tell me what wrong with my current arduino board if I bring it to class this sunday?

    I only ask if you will have this class again at another date because I may be running a 5K that morning in San Francisco at 8am in the Embaradero, but I am totally interested in taking your class!!!

    The project Im trying to build, is to trigger three separate solenoid valves. If this class can help me achieve that, I would be totally stoked to be part of this class and may even just cancel my 5K…..

    You can email me direct at

  2. MacKenzie Says:

    ok…..the arduino I am having trouble with is a Duemilanove

  3. jbm Says:

    Hi MacKenzie! I’ll definitely have more sessions in the future, but it will be a month or so. There’s a sequence of classes still in development, and the Breaduino workshop is one of them. Expect another post up here soon about the overall plan!

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