Analog Input Shield

Sometimes, 6 analog inputs just aren't enough. For those times, the Analog Input Shield is there to help. This shield gets you 48 analog inputs, and the provided Arduino libraries allow you to query each input manually, or have the system update shared variables for you up to 186 times a second (33S/s available over serial). Log from your home PC's serial port or add an SD logging shield, and you have one heck of a field data acquisition device.

Key benefits of the Analog Input Shield

  • Integration: it's a shield, so it Just Works with common Arduinos and clones
  • Ease of assembly: there are only a few parts to solder down
  • Convenience: every signal connection is next to a +5V and Ground connection, making it easier to power your sensors
  • Reliability: as shipped, your sensor leads are soldered down to the board, making them far less likely to come loose

Who needs 48 analog inputs?

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Scientists:Devices to collect data from 48 sensors at once typically cost at least $1,000. Admittedly, they have significantly higher sample rates and wider bitrates, but 10b at 33S/s is more than enough for many experiments. There are Arduino serial communications libraries for the most commonly-used software (LabVIEW and Matlab). And, since it's standard serial, it's straightforward to integrate with your own custom code.

48 1024-value input channels: eat it, MIDI!


Artists: Have you ever wanted to use a whole bank of joysticks for your generative audio rig? How about generating video based on a massive array of photodetectors people dance in front of? This board gives you the inputs you need for all that, and, through the magic of serial, it can be fed into Max/MSP. From there, you can use it locally, or send out over OSC to another computer (or share it with other artists at the venue, and do a totally generative mash-up).

The power bill that motivated this


Homeowners: Have you ever wanted a thermostat that could look at conditions all over the house? It could use the fan only to stir up air, or, if things really warrant it, turn on the AC or heater. How about not turning on the heater when a window is open? With this board, you can monitor all the rooms in your house, and have inputs to spare for your own weather station, how often the fridge door is opened, and whether or not the dog needs water.

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Analog Input Shield

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