Volksduino: complete low-cost Arduino clone

The Volksduino is a low cost, high power, shield compatible, complete Arduino clone kit.

Key benefits of the Volksduino

  • Compatibility: the Volksduino works with the Arduino environment
  • High-power voltage regulator: 1A at 5V
  • High-power 3.3V available: easily drop in a TO-220 or TO-92 3.3V regulator
  • Low component count: a nearly-minimal Arduino Duemilenova clone
  • Ease of assembly: it's easy for anyone of any age to put together

More information

Curious about the details? Here's more of them:

Also: this kit doesn't include a programming cable! To upload software to it, you'll need an FTDI cable of some sort; Adafruit has one for $20: FTDI cable at Adafruit.


($20 + shipping)